We are indeed very fortunately to have amazing keynote presenters joining us this year. To read more about them click here
We will be creating a post for each presenter from where you can keep track of all their resources and more information about the sessions that they will be presenting. Just click on the presenters name to go to their page (coming sooooon). You can also talk to them using their twitter username next to their names.( Just type in @theirname #schoolnetsa11 and go for it!)

Deb Avery  ()
  • Assessing projects - Using the Intel Assessment Tool Application
  • Using Intel ®  Teach Thinking  Tools to Promote Higher Order Thinking in the
Fiona Beal ()
  • PD in your PJs
  • Reading, Writing and Web 2.0 make a great team** 
  • Teaching in the Era of Collaboration -Linking Your Class to the World** 
  • A Classroom Blog and a Classroom Wiki? Show Me!** 
Lulu Burger
  • Experience Hands-on How the iPad Transforms Teaching and Learning † 
John  Davitt ()
  • Learning in a World of Difference
  • Active Learning with New Tools**
  • Using Google Earth and Google Maps in the classroom** 
  • Useful Tools for Innovation Across the Curriculum** 
Claire Dean
  • Introduction to ThinkQuest Project-Introduction to Intel Teach Essentials
  • How to Design Effective Projects  
Bronwyn Desjardins ( )
  • Podcasting Made Easy With Your PC** 
Karen Durandt ()
  • SMART TM Notebook Maths Tools † 
Charmaine Friel  ()
  • Easy, But Powerful Ways to Use Interactive Technology to Enhance Teaching & Learning † 
Nomty Gcaba (@NomtyGcaba)
  • Learners Doing Simple Research Using the Internet and Encarta 
Naomi Harm ( )
  • Transforming Education with 21st Century Skills and ICT Literacy 
  • Transforming Your Classroom Practice with Web 2.0 Literacy** 
  • Google My Way ** 
Jane Hart ( )
  • Thinking Differently as Learning Professionals: Trends in Social Media 
  • Jane's Pick of Learning Tools**
  • Building a Learning Community Online 
  • How to Use Social Media to Work and Learn Smarter as a Professional 
Katherine James
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Online  †
  • South African Peer Coaches: Peer Coaching in SA 
  • Building Teacher Leaders with Peer Coaching (from Seattle using Adobe Connect) 
Lieve Leroy (@LieveLeroy)
  • How Can Grasshoppers Change ICT Practices? 
Hlengiwe Mfeka
  • Using Media to Give Youth Voice 
Marina Moller (@marinahmol)
  • Using Mouse mischief in the classroom.

Andrew Moore ( )
  • Partners in Learning Network: Connect, Create, Motivate and Inspire! 
Sarietjie Musgrave ( )
  • Innovative Schools Toolkit
  • South African Peer Coaches: Peer Coaching in SA 
  • Using Moodle to Manage Mobile Mathematics Learning
  • Teacher Laptop Initiative 
Paula Jan Naugle ()
  • Skype in the Classroom - from USA on Adobe Connect** 
Maryna Nezar (@maryna_n)
  • Introduction to Intel ® Teach Elements Short Courses 
Victor Ngobeni
  • More Free Tools to Help Your Learners Communicate, Create and Collaborate!** 
Philip Norton ()
  • Wikis for School Management or “Where is the Paperless Office?” 
Saul Pila ()
  • ICT Literacy programmes: Intel Teach Getting Started and PiL ICT Skills for Teachers  
Megan Rademeyer
  • Innovative Teacher Presentations Group 1 +2
Philip Robinson
  • Intel ®  Learning Series and Classmate PCs 
Gerald  Roos ()
  • Intel Learning Series
Osman   Sadeck ()
  • Moodle – Possibilities for SchoolUse** 
Angela Schaerer (
  • Innovative Schools Toolkit
  • Wiki What? A Practical Introduction to Building Wikis for Teaching and Learning** 
  • The Science of PowerPoint 
  • Overcoming ICT Challenges: SchoolBased Solutions
Pauline Skosana
  • Teaching Parts of Speech Through ICT Integration for Grade 4 Learners 
Abdullah Sujee ()
  • Technology as an Everyday Thing -Teaching English Across the Curriculum  
Janet Thomson ()
  • Using Gaming to Improve Second Language English Skills 
Susan van Wyk 
  • Experience Hands-on iLife †
  • Using ICT to Support Teaching and Learning 
  • Innovation, the Basics Behind Creative ICT 
Maggie Verster ( )
  • Twitter for Beginners** 
  • Using Twitter as a Higher Order Thinking Tool 
  • Creating a 1-click Digital Library Mashup
  • Advanced Educational Twitter for Complete Twits**
Karen Walstra ( )
  • Interactive Teaching Equipment †
Jan Wells ()
  • Skype in the Classroom - from USA on Adobe Connect**